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Windrestrictor Corvette Windscreens. Windrestrictor is based in Dallas Texas and has been making Windscreens for Convertible Corvettes since 2006. This revolutionary Wind Blocker design was an instant success and they have since grown to be the World leader in "leave In" Wind Breakers. What Robert Pennington understood was that top down driving is often a spur of the moment thing, and having to take the time to stop, install or uninstall your Corvette Windscreen was a pain in the neck. Robert went to work to design and engineer a Wind Blocker that could be installed and left in the car, allowing the driver to simply flip a switch and be able to enjoy top down driving with less wind buffeting and back draft. Each Corvette Wind Blocker is Custom Molded and mounts into your Corvette via supplied brackets. Once the Windrestrictor Corvette Windscreen is installed, you do not need to remove it each and every time you put your Convertible Top Up and Down. Windrestrictor also carries an Official GM License, so you can customize your Windscreen with GM Logo Etching and or low watt LED Illumination. All Windrestrictor Corvette Windscreens come with everything you need for installation, including a complete set of written instructions and Youtube Installation Video's. Installation can be 100% reversed (uninstalled) and requires no permanent modification to your Corvette. Experience worry free top down driving and get it all out of your Convertible with a Corvette Windrestrictor Windscreen. 

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