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Hotchkis Corvette Sway Bars and Suspension Systems

Hotchkis Corvette Suspension Systems. For over 30 Years, John Hotchkis has brought to market the premiere high performance suspension packages for the late model Corvette. The key to their success is Testing, Testing and more Testing. Hotchkis Sport Suspension draws upon over three decades of track and street testing to engineer and fine tune its sway bars, shocks and components. Serious Corvette enthusiasts understand the benefits of increased stability, improved handling and predictability of a high quality aftermarket suspension. If you are looking for the perfect system for both the Street and the track, then it has to be a Hotchkis Corvette Suspension.

Based in Mooresville North Carolina, Hotchkis engineers draws on over thirty years of racing experience to develop the most effective suspensions available today. Each component undergoes testing on their 600 foot slalom course, 200 foot skid pad and 14 turn Autocross course to insure durability and functionality. Corvette Sway Bars and End Links are manufactured to be a perfect fit. Today's vehicles are designed with especially tight tolerances and their designers and engineering know how to put that to good use. Designed and engineered to be flexible and strong for any application, including the race track. Each system is manufactured to require no vehicle modification and are a direct bolt up application. Finished in bright polish, colorful anodizing, Hotchkis T1 Corvette Sway Bars are as good looking as they are functional. If you want suspension components that have been put through the ringer, tested and proven performance for your Corvette, then bolt on a set of Hotchkis Suspension components. 

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