CCA Corvette

CCA Corvette - C7 Corvette Grand Sport

CCA Corvette - C7 Corvette Grand Sport

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the CCA Corvette project page

Here you will be able to follow the evolution of our C7 Corvette Grand Sport from the day we picked it up, right up to present day. We decided to make this a Street Car Project so it is more in line with typical aftermarket use, in other words, we are going to do what you might do to your street driven Corvette. In fact, this GS is going to be my personal car, live at my house and be my daily driver. Whenever possible, the work will be done in my garage, just like you would, with parts you can get here or other specialty retailers. We are also going to take you right along with us as this car travels around the country interacting with Corvette Enthusiasts from all over the USA.

So without further adieu...Meet "Clifford" (the Big Red Dog)

Clifford The Big Red Dog - CCA Corvette

We located this car with the help of our friends at RT42 Dodge in Turnersville New Jersey. It's a late build 2017 C7 Corvette Grand Sport, M7, 1LT, Torch Red Exterior /Greystone Interior. This car was traded in on a Hellcat by a local well known auto enthusiast (rich guy), whom I had the privileged of talking to and getting a complete run down of every single one of its 2,306 miles. Basically, the car was driven from Florida to New Jersey and spent one summer in a heated and cooled garage at this guy's beach house on the Jersey Coast. In other words, the car is completely stock. The car was equipped exactly as I would have ordered it, except for Stage 2 Aero, so I felt pretty lucky to find one that checked off so many of my must haves. It will make a fantastic platform for the CCA Corvette. 

Clifford comes home to VA

After driving the car for a few weeks, the very first thing I wanted to do was change out the rear wicker fins from Stage 1 to Stage 2. There were several reasons for wanting this conversion, but the first and most obvious is that it looks cool. Both from the side and the rear, Stage 2 rear wickers are more aggressive looking and seem to fit the cars lines more to my liking. The second reason is that I wanted to change the pitch point to a more rearward bias, which adding more rear down-force will do. Below you will find a picture showing Stage 1 and Stage 2 on the same spoiler during installation.

 C7 Corvette Grand Sport Stage 1 and Stage 2 aero wickers

Removal of the Stage 1 wickers and installation of the Stage 2 wickers is a simple and straight forward process that will take you under an hour. To complete the installation you will need a T20 TORX Screwdriver or Bit. There are 10 TORX screws (5 on each side) along the back edge of the spoiler. Using steady pressure, simply remove all 10 of the TORX screws. Be careful not to over torque the screws or you will spin out the splines and have to drill the screw out. Once the bolts are out, you can begin to remove the Stage 1 winglets. They are attached to the car with double sided tape. Towards either edge, begin separating the wicker from the spoiler. Slow steady pressure and fishing line will make this a fairly easy task. Once you have the two pieces separated, clean off any remaining double sided tape left on the spoiler. Clean and prep the area with denatured alcohol and then wipe down with clean water. To install the Stage 2 wickers, just reverse the process. Remove the double sided tape, position the wicker on the spoiler and re-install the screws.

Clifford C7 Corvette rear spoiler Stage 2 rear spoiler c7 corvette Grand Sport

Winglets installed on the CCA Corvette. For more information or to purchase a Set of Stage 2 Wickers for your Grand Sport or Z06, follow this link. C7 Corvette GM Stage 2 Winglets - Rear Wicker Bill


One of the first things we wanted to do is start to bring some of the exterior color (Torch Red) into the interior. The Interior of this Grand Sport came with grey stitching and while it matches the Greystone Interior, it kind of gets lost. So off to the craft store we went in search of red fabric pens. There were a lot of different shades of red, so we selected the brightest red they had. The fabric pens were cheap $2.49 each so we bought a few. 

The rest of this mod is pretty straight forward, start coloring the stitching! It is a fairly tedious task and has some awkward positions but other than that, it is a super easy mod. Follow the stitching and color as you go. Using a damp (not wet) cloth to wipe off any marker that may get on the leather before it dries. Below are some pictures of the completed job. 

C7 Corvette Stingray Red Stitching  C7 Corvette Red Stitching

C7 Corvette Grand Sport Red Stitching  C7 Corvette Z06 Red Stitching

Considering the cost and the dramatic impact that this simple modification, I can say dollar for dollar bang for your buck is right up there with the best of them. If you are looking for a fabric pen to do the stitching in your Corvette, search here - Fabric Pens for Dying the Stitching in your Corvette. 

Be sure to Check back in frequently to see the progress on the CCA Corvette and find out what Clifford has been up to.