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Flowmaster Corvette Exhaust Systems have one of the most distinctive and unique sound of any aftermarket exhaust system available today. For over 35 Years Flowmaster has been committed to delivering the best Corvette products on the market today. Founded in 1983 by Ray Flugger, their manufacturing facilities are located in Santa Rosa and West Sacramento California. Getting their start in the Sprint Car World of Southern California, their name became synonymous with performance and power. Their mission, reducing race car noise with out restricting exhaust flow. Flowmaster has continued it tradition of design, research and development to produce some of the best performing Cat Back and Axle Back Exhaust systems for late model Corvettes. Flowmaster is known world wide for their chambered and laminar flow designs, that both improve Horsepower and Torque ratios. All Exhaust Systems for your Corvette are manufactured with high quality stainless steel and are mandrel bent for maximum air flow. Each System is run through Dyno Testing and Sound Testing to be sure they deliver that Classic Flowmaster Sound as well as performance you expect. Fitment is never an issue, as all systems are designed and engineered to be a direct bolt on replacement for your OEM parts. No matter if you drive a C5, C6, C7 Corvette, Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06 or ZR1, Flowmaster makes an System to suit your volume needs. Need help in picking your Corvette Exhaust System from Flowmaster, feel free to give us a call and one of our exhaust experts will be glad to help. 

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