Volant Corvette Intakes


Corvette Intake Systems from Volant

Volant Corvette Intakes entered the market in 1998 and immediately shook up the Intake World. Their closed box ram air Corvette Cold Intake Systems we a first of their kind. Volant Intake Systems are driven to meet unrelenting standards both on and off the track. Each Volant Intake Filter is manufactured by Donaldson Filtration Solutions and contains their proprietary Powercore Filtration Technology for superior filtration. At 99.97 percent filtration at 1 micron, this cold air intake system boasts the kind of protection from contaminants, even for track driven car. Each intake filter is washable, cleanable and reusable. All Corvette Intake Systems from Volant are constructed of cross linked polymer to insure you get the absolute strongest sealed air box available on the market today. Volant Corvette Intakes are a True RAM Intake Systems that take Cold Air from outside your Corvette and tunnel it directly to your Intake Manifold. It is a well know fact that cooler, denser air makes more power. and its more power you get with Volant Intakes. The Volant Corvette Intake Systems are designed from the ground up to give you the most complete package and a hassle free installation. Installation can be done with basic hand tools and do not require a Tune.

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