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CTEK Corvette Battery Chargers. If you are looking for a comprehensive charging system for your Corvette than look no further than CTEK. Known as "The World's Smartest Chargers" these little units pack a punch and are endorsed by the some of the most prestigious Automakers on the Planet. This new generation of battery chargers are known as smart chargers. Smart chargers monitor your battery and are capable of giving you several different charging modes depending on you particular batteries needs. Need a trickle, pulse, maintenance or full charge, this generation can detect and determine the best course of action and automatically implement it for you. The Worlds Smartest Battery Charger uses a four step process of Desulfurization, Bulk, Absorption and Pulse charges to attend to every need your battery has. Simply hook it up and plug it in and let the technology do the rest. Gone are the days when you would need several different types of battery chargers or need to manually change modes. Regular use of a quality charger can extend the life of your battery by 2 to 3 times its normal lifespan. CTEK Corvette Battery Chargers can be used for winter storage as well as other items like boats, golf carts, lawn tractors, jet ski's, snowmobiles and tractors. If you need to charge it, these Trickle Chargers can handle it all. CTEK's automatic and responsive Corvette battery charging systems adapt to your exact needs, insuring a perfect experience every time. Leave your baby in good hands with the power and performance of CTEK.

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