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Corvette Shocks from Bilstein

Improve the handling and replace worn out shock on your Corvette with Bilstein Shocks. In 1954 August Bilstein revolutionized dampening technology and changed the way cars drive forever. All of the worlds automotive brand trust Bilstein and their product can be found on may OEM applications direct from the factory. Corvette Shocks from Bilstein are the #1 OEM and Sport replacement shock for late model Corvettes. Bilstein's Mono Tube Dampeners are coupled with their Static Base Valve System that allows for lower gas pressure, quicker reaction times and improved tire contact. The dual valves help to control the flow of oil through the piston orifices, doubling the piston surface area and increasing control and lessening cavitations at high shaft speeds. All this leads to a more direct and predictable feel of what is happening on the road and the contact patch of the tire. Bilstein Corvette Shocks are offered in 2 varieties. The Bilstein Heavy Duty Shock is designed to be a direct replacement street shock that will improve body roll, nose over and overall tire contact. The HD Shock is the choice for daily driven Corvettes or those that want a more capable shock that what came on the car. The Sport Shock is those that want a more significant gain in performance. The Bilstein Sport Shocks offer a large increase in stiffness and reaction time and are generally considered for the Race Track or for seriously modified Street Corvettes. Need help selection your Bilstein Corvette Shocks, feel free to give us a call and talk to one of our specialists. 

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