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Hurst Corvette Short Throw Shifters

Hurst Corvette Shifters. Sometimes there is nothing better than rowing through the gears on you Corvette. No doubt the OEM Shifter was designed for the masses, but for those performance minded individuals seeking a crisp clean shift, the factory design leaves a lot to be desired. Way back in 1958 George Hurst identified this same problem and started making performance based shifters for the Southern California Street and Race scene. Hurst Corvette Shifters are expertly crafted out of T6-6061 Aircraft Quality Billet Aluminum giving your shifts a significantly more positive and engaged feel. No more searching around for gears or wondering if you are in the correct gate. Hurst Corvette Short Throw Shifters make it easy to find the correct gear every time. Dead center in the shifter pattern is directly below 3rd gear and above 4th gear, so the hard/fast 2nd to 3rd shift is nothing more than a simple flick of the wrist. Hurst Corvette Shifters shorten the overall throw of your shift by a whopping 35 percent, giving you much quicker up shifts and down shifts. You can expect slightly increased shift effort and a huge reduction in gear selection slop. Adding a Short Throw Shifter to your C5, C6, C7 Corvette is somewhat of a tedious job, but can be done by anyone with basic mechanical skills and basic hand tools. We get a lot of feedback from our customers, and what we constantly hear is that adding a Hurst Corvette Short Throw Shifter is one of the most gratifying modifications that they make. \

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