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Corvette Door Prop Rods and Corvette Hood Prop Rods. Ever have someone get in your Corvette at a Car Show? Ever have anyone close your door or hood? Well, if you have ever spent much time at car shows, you know this happens all the time. Protect your investment with a Hood or Door Prop Rods from KwikToy Concepts. The KwikToy Door Prop Rod will hold your Corvette door open 20 inches so that the interior of the car can be displayed. The Door prop Rod keeps show goers and kids from entering your Corvette and keeps your door from swinging open into other cars. KwikToy Show Car Door Prop Rods install in the doors locking mechanisms and can be locked in place using the key fob. Once locked in place, they can not be removed unless the doors are unlocked. The Show Car Door Prop Rods are offered in a variety of finishes, including Chrome, Polished Aluminum, Black, Red, Blue, Silver, White and Yellow. Protect your Hood with a KwikToy Hood Prop Rod. The KwitToy Hood Prop Rod is a Strut Assist which supports the Hood Lift Cylinder (Hood Strut) on the driver's side to help keep your hood in place due to a spectator trying to shut it, or the occasional burst of wind. No matter which one you choose, installation is a snap and takes less than 5 second to accomplish. KwikToy Concepts Corvette Hood and Door Prop Rods can be found at car shows all over the Country because they work as good as they look. 

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