C6 Corvette Vararam Power Wedge - LS2

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C6 Corvette LS2 Vararam Throttle Spacer

Vararam Power Wedge - C6 Corvette LS2. Bolt on power with the Vararam Power Wedge. Simple and easy to install this modified spacer can add up to 10ftlbs of torque and 14 HP to stock LSx engines. It secret, the modified angle which allows 100% of the lower pathway to open, increasing throttle response and velocity. The Power Wedge is also designed to balance the plenum inside the manifold which allows vacuum to pull across the entire neck area. This improved air flow reduces pressure drop and increases air flow volume. The rear of the Power Wedge has an integrated "air horn" which boosts the airs velocity just before it enters the body of the intake. Bolt on power with the Vararam Power Wedge. VRX-93 (Previously VRX-92)

Fitment: C6 Corvette (2005 - 2007) LS2