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Every once and awhile we get to see something happening before it really becomes common knowledge in the Corvette Community. Right now that thing is the Corvette Hooker Blackheart Headers and Exhaust. The chatter has picked up and the website traffic has gone through the roof.  The phone rings and people want to know about this product. Well here it is in a nutshell. Hooker has been around FOREVER. Back in the 80's when I just started to get into Modding my personal cars, Hooker was the ticket. "what do you have under the hood" - a 393 and a...

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One of the questions I get asked all the time is "Have you been to the National Corvette Museum" - followed a flood of other questions. So I though I would just put it out there, for all of you who have the same question. To answer the first question: Yes. To answer the rest of the questions, Yes, it is worth the trip. Yes, you can spend a whole day there ( I could spend a week there - wait I have...) Yes, you can walk over and take a tour of the Factory. Yes, you can actually drive...

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