The National Corvette Museum

One of the questions I get asked all the time is "Have you been to the National Corvette Museum" - followed a flood of other questions. So I though I would just put it out there, for all of you who have the same question. To answer the first question: Yes. To answer the rest of the questions, Yes, it is worth the trip. Yes, you can spend a whole day there ( I could spend a week there - wait I have...) Yes, you can walk over and take a tour of the Factory. Yes, you can actually drive your Corvette on the Track. Yes, a sinkhole did suck up some of the coolest Corvettes on the planet, and yes, you would have fallen in too if you were standing there when it happened. Yes, in fact, if you know who you are looking for, you will run into some of the highest up in the Corvette Insider World. Yes, you can actually get your Brand New Corvette Keys handed to you, in front of your very own Corvette, on displayed in the Museum. Yes, you can eat, shop and even get insurance for your baby. Warning: there is a high probability that you will leave with no money in your pockets.

So listen, If you are into Corvettes or just new to the Corvette Scene, it is well worth the trip. I have never meet anyone that left the complex without a huge smile on their face. Got a "Significant Other" that may not be Sky-High for this kind of excitement, well then make it a full weekend. 

There are so many things to do in this area of the Country, heck, jump on down to Nashville for the evening, take a trip down the Legendary Bourbon Trail (which is one of the most beautiful drives you will ever go on), get a Cabin on the Lake or see a NASCAR Race

OK sorry, got to end it to call my Travel Agent...

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