CTEK Multi US 7002 Automatic Battery Charger 56-353


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C7 Corvette Battery Charger

The CTEK Multi US 7002 Charger is the most technology advanced, smartest, and most universal battery charger in the market today. The C7 Corvette Multi US 7002 is loaded with the coolest features that will make battery charging incredibly easy, convenient, and safe. The C7 Corvette Smart Charger uses the smartest charging method with its distinctive 8 charging steps.

  • The first step called the Desulphation stage that reconditions batteries that lost their power or the sulfated batteries. Desulphation works by reconditioning the battery that helps in recovering its power.
  • The testing or the soft start stage makes assessment on the battery’s condition and verifies that it is ready for the charging process. The battery also gets 10-20% initial charge at this stage.
  • The bulk start stage is where the battery gets rapid, high-voltage charge until 80%. CTEK batteries are designed to get this charge at the shortest possible time without causing any damage so you can start your car as necessary.
  • The absorption or the slow charge then slows down the charging before it reaches the full 100% charge to prevent over or under charging.
  • The analysis stage evaluates if the charge is being retained and its not bleeding any charge.
  • The reconditioning stage is one of the best benefits of the C7 Corvette Battery Charger as it restores the power capacity to extend battery life.
  • Float or frequent maintenance stage checks frequently to ensure it is consistently 100% fully charged.
  • Lastly, pulse or infrequent maintenance stage does the check over a long period of time in case your car and battery are not being used and is stored.

C7 Corvette Multi US 7002 is made to charge and maintain batteries for all weather conditions. Made to offer incredible durability, it is water resistant, dust resistant and can withstand the toughest temperatures up to -4F to +122F. C7 Corvette Smart Charger comes complete with two interchangeable connection leads – one with clamps and one with eyelet terminals. CTEK part number 56-353 is covered by a 5-year warranty.

Technical Specifications:

Input voltage AC: 85-125VAC, 50-60Hz

Output voltage: Nominal:  12V

Minimum voltage required: 2.0V

Efficiency: High 85%

Charging Voltage: 14.4V / 14.7V

Charging Current: 7A max

Type of Batteries: 12V lead-acid batteries (Wet, MF, AGM, GEL and Ca)

Capacity: 14-225 Ah