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C7 Corvette Billy Boat Bullet Exhaust - Stingray

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C7 Corvette Billy Boat Bullet Exhaust.  If you are looking at this page it is safe to say that you already know what you want.  The B&B Bullet System for the C7 Corvette is one of the most aggressive, loud and down right mean sounding exhausts ever strapped into a Corvette.  The C7 Corvette B&B Bullet Exhaust is no exception. Billy Boat exhaust carries forward it tradition of Bullet Exhaust in fine fashion for the C7 Corvette. With its deep raspy sound, there is no question what bolted up under your Corvette.  If you want to wake the neighbors and scare little kids, this is the exhaust system for you. FCOR-0615, FCOR-0617

Fitment: C7 Corvette Stingray (2014 to Current)