C7 Corvette UVS100 Sun Shade
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C7 Corvette Covercraft UVS100 Custom Dash Sun Screen


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C7 Corvette Windshield Sun Shade

Summer is just around the corner, get the best sun protection for your vehicle’s interior from the C7 Corvette Covercraft Sun Screen! Also called windshield sunscreens, sun shades, UV shields, or heat shields, they are designed to prevent the sun’s UV rays from penetrating your vehicle’s interior. Over time, heat and damaging UV ray from the sun causes faded dashboards, steering wheels, center consoles, and seat covers. As bonus, it also keeps the inside of the car cooler when the weather is extremely hot. It’s a great accessory when you have to park your car in an open parking lot for long hours or just when you’re at work, at the beach, side streets, or practically anywhere. The Covercraft UVS100 Sun Shield, is not like any other windshield protector, it is the only one with a US patent because it is made with the highest standards to resist the sun’s harmful UV rays.

C7 Corvette Covercraft Sun Shade is a must to protect your Corvette’s expensive interior. It features a triple laminate construction that provides multiple layers of insolation and maximum heat resistance.  This Covercraft UV shield has reflective exterior that does a great job at deflecting sunlight and lowering cabin temperature. Its inner felt surface will keep your glass scratch free while preventing heat buildup. It can lower your interior temperature by up to 40 degrees! Getting into your vehicle will not be as uncomfortable, your steering wheel and seat covers will not be scorching hot, and you don’t have to turn the A/C on full blast during hot summer days. C7 Corvette Covercraft Sun Screen is extremely easy to use. Unfold it and position on the windshield held by the sun visors and when you’re done, fold it and store it away. Choose from five different colors to match your vehicle’s style. Covercraft UVS100 is not like those flimsy universal sun shades, it is designed to exactly fit your Chevy C7 Corvette’s windshield. Lastly, the C7 Corvette Covercraft Sun Shade is protected by Covercraft’s 1-year warranty. All Covercraft craft to fit sun shades are manufactured in the USA.

Fitment: C7 Corvette, Grand Sport and Z06 (2014 - 2019)