C6 Corvette Windrestrictor Windscreen
C6 corvette Smoked Windrestrictor windscreen

C6 Corvette Windrestrictor WindScreen Wind Blocker


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C6 Corvette Windscreen

Windrestrictor® Windscreen - C6 Corvette. Enjoy top down driving in your C6 Corvette with the all new Windrestrictor® Windscreen. This is the only Corvette Windscreen Wind Deflector that can be left in the car when you put the top up and down. This C6 Corvette Wind Screen allows for full seat travel. The Wind Restrictor ® wind blocker for the C6 Corvette comes in your Choice of Clear or Smoke. Everything you need to install your C6 Corvette Windscreen is included and can be done with basic hand tools. 

Convertible owners know that top down driving can produce its own challenges. Wind buffeting caused by air filling the void behind the windshield can make it loud and turbulent. No longer do Convertible Corvette Owners need to be worried about hair flying in your face of the occasional flying hat. This C6 Corvette Windscreen has a brand new revolutionary design that allows you to leave it in the car when you put the top up and down, so there is no need to remove it every time you want to go for a ride. This C6 Windrestrictor Windscreen does it all, increasing your ability to fully enjoy all that your Convertible has to offer. 

Fitment: C6 Corvette and Grand Sport (2005 - 2013)