C5 Corvette Windrestrictor windscreen
C5 corvette Smoked Windrestrictor windscreen
C5 Corvette Etching for Windrestrictor windscreen

C5 Corvette Windrestrictor WindScreen Wind Blocker


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C5 Corvette Windscreen

Windrestrictor® Windscreen - C5 Corvette. Enjoy top down driving in your C5 Corvette with the all new Windrestrictor® Windscreen. This is the only Corvette Windscreen Wind Deflector that can be left in the car when you put the top up and down. This C5 convertible wind screen allows for full seat travel. The Wind Restrictor ® wind blocker for the C5 Corvette comes in your Choice Clear, Smoke and/or Etched. Each wind blocker can be installed at home with basic hand tools and includes a full set of instructions. 

The Windrestrictor C5 Corvette Wind Breaker is custom molded and hugs ever curve of your car. No longer do C5 owners have to take the time to install and remove the windscreen every time they put the top up and down. The Windrestrictor Windscreen is a semi-permanent mount and can be left in the car, even as you operate your top. Enjoy top down driving again and eliminate annoyances like losing your hat, hair being whipped in your face and back draft with this C5 Corvette Windscreen from Windrestrictor. 

Fitment: C5 Convertible 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004