C5 Corvette MSD Atomic Airforce Intake Manifold 2702 - LS1 - LS6


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2702 MSD Atomic Airforce Intake Manifold - C5 Corvette LS1 - LS6

C5 Corvette MSD Atomic Airforce Intake Manifold for your LS1 or LS6 powered Corvette. The all new MSD Airforce Intake Manifold delivers maximum airflow and distribution to improve the performance of your stock or modified LS1/LS6 Engine. This C5 Corvette Intake Manifold was designed, engineered and produced from the ground up, using Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling to address the OEM intakes performance short comings giving you optimized airflow and solid performance gains across the RPM range. MSD was able to optimize the plenum volume and re-arrange the runner layout, giving you better air flow, less resistance and more horsepower. The unique bell mouthed runner openings, optimized length and minimal shrouding insure proper airflow and cylinder balance. The MSD Atomic Airforce Intake Manifold for the C5 Corvette is a two piece glass reinforced polymer design which allows for custom port matching, reduces overall weight and reduces power robbing heat soak. C5 Corvette MSD Atomic Airforce Intake Manifold accepts the OEM Electronic throttle body, as well as performance throttle bodies up to 103mm. Make more horsepower and torque with the MSD Atomic Airforce Manifold, Dyno testing shows 25+ Horsepower and 20+ ft/lbs of Torque gains just from bolting on this impressive intake manifold and more power can be found in highly modified engines. The Atomic Airforce Manifold is 50 State Legal, so this is a great modification for people living in CARB Certified States. Give your C5 Corvette or Corvette Z06 the extra power you are looking for with an MSD Atomic Airforce Intake Manifold. P/N 2702

Fitment: C5 Corvette LS1 Engine and C5 Corvette Z06 LS6 (1997 - 2004)

Product Note: Legal for sale in California: C.A.R.B Certification EO #D-722-1

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