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Corvette Bin Buddy, Seat Belt Stay, Door Dog from Sandyeggo Designs

Sandyeggo Designs Corvette Parts. Based in San Diego California, Sandyeggo Designs was born out of a gaping hole and a need for a simple solution. Their first product for the C7 Corvette was a Home Run success. The Bin Buddy is a shelf that slips in behind your navigation / entertainment screen and makes use of the un-usable hole. If you have a C7 Corvette, you now that items placed in the area behind the Nav Screen slide all over the place and tend to just end up as a pile. Now you can neatly organize that space and make use of the entire area, keeping your belongings safe and organized. Every wonder why your Seat Belt constantly slips out of the shoulder retention guide? Well, So did the guys at Sandyeggo Designs. Their second product sold out almost as fast as it hit the shelves. The Sandyeggo Seat Belt Stay keep your Seat Belt right where it belongs. A simple clip slides over the opening in the retention guide, keeping your Seat Belt from sliding out. Sometimes it is fun to watch your passenger or someone new to Corvettes try and open the door. They fumble around looking for something to grab or press. While this can be a good chuckle every once in a while, the C7 Corvettes doors can be somewhat frustrating when your hands are full and especially if you have not opened one before. Enter the C7 Corvette Door Dog Entry System. A unique Door Handle Latch that integrates into the existing touch pad. No matter is you drive a Z06, Grand Sport or Stingray, Sandy Eggo Designs Corvette Parts innovative solutions to simple problems make driving your Corvette more enjoyable. 

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