C7 Corvette Coverking Autobody Armour Car Cover - Stingray


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C7 Corvette Stingray Autobody Armour Car Cover

Get the toughest indoor and outdoor protection with the Corverking Autobody Armour Car Cover. This revolutionary car protector will give you the best of both worlds in keeping your  ride’s flawless looks and awesome performance. The C7 Corvette Autobody Armour Car Cover is exactly what you need for extended outdoor use especially when the weather is harsh from extreme UV rays, snow, and rain. At the same time, it does a great job in keeping dirt, dust, and other elements away from your expensive finish when your Vette is kept in the garage for a while. If you’re looking for the multi-purpose vehicle protection worth your buck, you can never go wrong with the Coverking Autobody Armour for the C7 Corvette.

The Coverking Autobody Armour Car Cover is the Best C7 Corvette Car Cover for a lot of reasons. Its called the armour because it delivers maximum, impregnable protection with its three-layer fabric construction. The outer layer made of woven polyester is a strong shield against the sun’s damaging UV rays while the middle layer offers extreme water resistance. The inner layer is made of soft fleece cotton to gently cushion your vehicle and maintain its flawless finish. The C7 Corvette Coverking Autobody Armour is made to stand up against UV rays, cold temperature, rain, bird droppings, pollutants, dirt, dust, and all elements. What’s more, the Best C7 Corvette Car Cover is thick as an armour against dings and dents. Coverking used Computer Assisted Design (CAD) technology to ensure this custom fit cover will be your car’s second skin, following all its contours and details for the perfect look. The seamless design prevents any leakage that usually occurs in flimsy cheap covers. Mirror and antenna pockets are included for the complete coverage.

The C7 Corvette Autobody Armour Car Cover has elastic tensioner in the front and rear to keep the cover firmly in place without scratching. This all-weather vehicle protection designed for indoor and outdoor use comes with a 4-year warranty. Coverking Car Covers are designed and crafted in the USA.

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Fitment: C7 Corvette Stingray Coupe and Convertible (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019)

Product Note: Car Covers are Custom Made and Made to Order, Typical production time is 5-8 Business Days

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