C5 Corvette Vararam - VR-B2 + VRPD - Combo


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C6 Corvette Vararam Cold Air Intake Free Shipping

C5 Corvette Vararam Intake and Power Duct Combo

Vararam VR-B2 +VRPD Combo - C5 Corvette. The Vararam VR-B2 system for the C5 Corvette has evolved several times over the years for added performance and ease of filter maintenance. In the latest evolution,of this record setting system VaraRam has made advancements for both quality and ease of installation. Combined with the Vararam VRPD Power Duct, this is one combo you can't do without.

Fitment: C5 Corvette (1997 - 2004)

Product Note: Includes (1) Vararam VR-B2 and (1) Vararam VRPD Power Duct

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