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C8 Corvette Lloyd Ultimat Trunk Mat

Lloyd’s Ultimat Series Cargo Mats are well-known for their unbeatable style, durability and functionality since 1978. Using the most advanced computer design technology, sophisticated manufacturing techniques, and stringent testing standards, the Ultimat has become even better. Today, C8 Corvette Lloyd Ultimat Rear Trunk Mats are still everything they are known for but the innovations enabled them to offer better floor coverage, tougher defense, and more luxurious styling.

All C8 Corvette Lloyd Ultimat Rear Trunk Mats are made only with the highest quality materials that will survive the test of time and all the grimes. The surface of the carpets is made of thick and dense 32 oz. per yard 2-ply continuous filament nylon that is both luxurious to the feet and durable to the core. It is then supported by a woven polypropylene layer to add rigidity and maintain the mat’s solid shape. Additionally, the C8 Corvette Lloyd Mats Ultimat Double Logo Rear Cargo Mat features a latex layer that prevents liquids, moisture, and spills to damage factory carpets, keeping it clean and dry. Lloyd added their patented rubber TractionBac backing with excellent non-skid and non-slip properties to keep the mats glued to the floorboards all the time. If you want crush-resistant, moisture-resistant, and wear-resistant protection for your Corvette’s pristine OE carpets, nothing will come close to what the C8 Corvette Lloyd Mats Ultimat Double Logo Rear Cargo Mat can deliver.

Choose from an expansive selection of colors that will either match or add flare into your cabin’s interior styling. The laser embroidered double Corvette logo on these rear Ultimat Cargo Mats will create a more authentic and customized looks that is almost like factory. Each set comes with factory compatible anchors for a hassle-free and secure installation.

The C8 Corvette Lloyd Ultimat Rear Trunk Mats are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA and comes with a limited 5-year warranty against defective materials and craftsmanship.

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Fitment: C8 Stingray Coupe (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024)

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