Halltech Hornet Intake System for the C8 Corvette
C8 Corvette Stingray Halltech Hornet Intake
Halltech C8 Corvette Intake System

C8 Corvette Halltech Hornet Intake System


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Halltech C8 Corvette Intake System

C8 Corvette Halltech Hornet Intake - HRNT.518 is the Intake you are looking for to add dyno proven horsepower and torque to your Corvette Stingray. Founded in a garage in 1999 on the West Coast, they quickly moved passed very humble beginnings and became an industry expert in Cold Air Intake Systems for the modern Corvettes. They are now ready to introduce the much-awaited Halltech C8 Corvette Intake System.

This is a direct CAI replacement so you can make this performance enhancing modification without the need for an engine tuning after you complete the upgrade.  Dyno testing has resulted in 17+ increase in horsepower to go along with 25+ increase in torque. This is done with the best in C8 Air Filter design that will add over 1000 square inches of air filtration, thus allowing your C8 Stingray to breath in a healthy amount of air for maximum performance. The C8 Halltech Hornet Intake System is purposely designed with molded-in velocity stack and reverse flow partition to ensure laminar flow at the MAF sensor to correctly determine the amount of airflow to the engine.

Halltech C8 Corvette Intake System is engineered and designed for the coupe and Hard Top Convertible. So this model will not fit the hard top convertible without slight modifications to the cover under the trunk carpet and the actual lid partition may be slightly different (ramp vs funnel) on production units. The use of a stainless steel backplate will ensure that all harness fasteners are attached in their factory locations.  Keep in mind with installation you will need to reuse your stock connector hoses, pcv fitting, inlet ducts and mounting bolts.

It's not a proper Corvette until it's a Halltech Corvette.

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Fitment: C8 Corvette (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024) Coupe and HTC

Fitment: (the only modification required for the HTC is to simply drill-out the top center rivnut on the access panel)

Product Note: Not legal for Highway use in States adopting California emissions standards. Not legal for sale in California.