C8 Corvette Corsa Oil Catch Can
C8 Corvette PCV Oil Catch Can

C8 Corvette Corsa Oil Catch Can - CC0005


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C8 Corvette PVC Oil Catch Can

C8 Corvette Corsa Oil Catch Can - CC0005. Corsa Oil Catch Cans are manufactured with high grade 6061 Aluminum and feature a multi stage oil separation chambers. Each PCV oil catch can has been designed and engineered with OEM quick disconnect fittings for easy access and quick cleaning. A bronze filter prevents oil vapor re-entry and ensures that the gases stay in the can and properly condense. Included with each C8 Corvette Oil Catch Can is a power coated bracket for easy mounting, multi reinforced hoses and a threaded can housing. Installation time is approximately 30 minutes and requires basic hand tools. Corsa CC0005 is for Coupes only

LTx engines all suffer from oil blow by into the intake manifold and runners under hard driving conditions. The PVC system or Positive Crankcase vent is engineered to vent and release crankcase pressure that otherwise could cause oil leaks or blown seals. The C8 Corvette PVC Oil Catch Can helps trap oil vapor and gasses and separate them into a holding chamber instead of letting them into your intake system. The major benefit to installing an Catch Can on your C8 Corvette is that it prevents the gumming up of your air systems and help prevent carbon build up on your valves. Thoughtful design locates the oil catch can in an easily accessible, yet safe location for easy cleaning

CORSA’s drive to produce the world’s best C8 Corvette Oil PVC Oil Catch Can is evident throughout every aspect of its design. From its earlier conception through its final development, the C8 Corvette Corsa Oil Catch Can had you the end user in mind and performance at the forefront of manufacturing and quality.

Fitment: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 C8 Corvette Stingray Coupe

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