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C7 Corvette Billy Boat Fusion Exhaust - Stingray - Non NPP

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B&B Fusion Exhaust FCOR-0663 - C7 Corvette non NPP

C7 Corvette Billy Boat Fusion Exhaust - Stingray - Non NPP. If you want to turn your Standard Exhaust Stingray into an NPP (Valved) Exhaust, then the Generation 3 B&B Fusion exhaust system is for you. The B&B Fusion uses vacuum actuated valves that allow your C7 Corvette to go from Mild to Wild. Manufactured with the highest grade stainless steel and features quad 4 inch round polished tips. Each Billy Boat C7 Corvette Fusion System is Hand made specifically for you. FCOR-0668 and FCOR-0663

Fitment: C7 Corvette Stingray with Standard Exhaust (2014 to 2019)

Product Note: WILL NOT fit NPP equipped Duel Mode equipped Corvettes

Product Note: Please allow 7-10 Business Days for Manufacturing