C8 Corvette Stingray Tail Light Blackout Kit
GS Creations C8 Corvette Tail Light Blackout Kit
C8 Corvette Smoked Tail Light Covers

C8 Corvette GS Creations Molded Tail Light Covers


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C8 Corvette Tail Light Blackout 

C8 Corvette GS Creations Molded Tail Light Covers are the professional way to bring the Black Out Tint look to the rear of your C8 Corvette. These Premium Molded Tail Light Smoked Covers (Blackouts) complete the look of your Stingray.

This is a 4-piece kit including one driver and passenger side tail light covers in a polycarbonate Lexan transparent smoked blackout look. The smoked color is built into the Lexan so no worries about paint fade, peeling or chipping over the years. We also include the side tail light reflector overlays in a 12 mils thick adhesive-backed Lamin-X film.

Do not be concerned with safety and visibility with these C8 Corvette GS Creations Molded Tail Light Covers. When headlights shine at your tail lights all 3 reflectors (per light) still will reflect, also when you use your Parking/ Brake/ Turn signal/ Reverse lights they are still highly visible. We have been using this level of smoke on all of our lights since the C5 Corvette and will give your C8 Corvette Tail Light the Black Out look and appearance you will appreciate while maintaining visibility.

The material used in manufacturing is a clear upgrade over previously used Acrylic which is a huge benefit to you as they will not break if dropped during installation or if you decide to remove them later. As for installation, with only 4 pieces total it will take you under 2 minutes. Each C8 Corvette tail light black out cover will come with pre-installed clear 3m tape. You simply clean your lights with the supplied alcohol, and let dry. You do not need to remove your rear bumper to install these covers.

Fitment: C8 Corvette Stingray 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 Coupe and Convertible 

Product Note: Check your local regulations

Product Note: If your vehicle was ever waxed or ceramic coated most likely so was the area you are installing this product on even if it's a light or reflector. You MUST remove any wax or ceramic coating before you install this product or the 3m tape used will not stick. Alcohol alone will not do this, please consult with your detailer to find the best way to remove. You should test the area before install by putting any tape on the light and if there is good adhesion you should be ok. If the tape you used for the test does not stick or comes off very easy so will our covers