Took a LONG Road Trip in the CCA Corvette...

Took a LONG Road Trip in the CCA Corvette with a Non-Corvette Person. When I say a None-Corvette Person, I mean the average guy or gal on the street, someone who likes cars, but not particularly into Corvettes. About 10 miles into our journey he commented about how much attention the car draws. "Everyone LOOKS...everyone..." he said, "Arrest me Red" I said. We pulled through a coffee place before jumping on the highway and the girl in the window said "Nice Vette". A few hundred miles down the road we pulled into a rest stop. When we came out, there were 2 collage students taking selfies with the car and he asked, "Does that happen often"? Often, No, But its not the first time, I said. At the next rest stop we ran into a family that was going nutz over the car and we let them all jump in and check it out, even mom and dad took a turn. He asked me, "do you always let complete strangers get in your car?" Only the nice ones I told him. At the Hotel the Valet was in love, the club parked it out front and at the beach 2 Harley's guarded the right and left side as we sat in the sun. On the way home, we got stuck at Cracker Barrel with a Local Corvette Club out for a Sunday drive, had a very nice road side chat with a Law Enforcement Officer out doing his job (turns out he is a client) and a few more happy souls along the way. 

When we got home my passenger said, "I can't believe how happy this car makes people" 

I said, "I know, it's cool right..."

The whole trip was a nice reminder for me. I guess I get a little jaded being around Corvettes and talking to Corvette People all day everyday. It's just part of what I do, but to see it through someone else's eyes was a whole lot of fun. So get out there with your Corvette, talk to people, let them in, take joy in the astonishment in the children's eyes, be a good Ambassador and share the fun... 

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