Mark Reuss Named President of General Motors

Mark Reuss to assume the Throne at GM

We have long been a fan of Mark Reuss here at Custom Corvette Accessories. We especially like it when he jumps behind the wheel of a Corvette because he is a pretty accomplished driver in his own right. Although he is an engineer by trade, it is also well known that he is one of General Motors certified test drivers and has been known to show the ruckus side of GMs flag ship car on more than one occasion. Most recently Mark was the Vice President in charge of GM's Product Development Unit, as well as the Cadillac Division. (ever seen a Corvette Engine in a Caddy) Both Corvette and Cadillac enjoy factory support in some of the biggest racing series in the world. Mark came to our attention when he launched the GM Performance Division in 2001. That's not even a sprinkle of his illustrious career, but you have to admit, if you are a Corvette Fan, this is the Guy you want running it all. Reuss becomes the 23rd President in GM's history. If you think the name sound familiar, your correct, his father Lloyd Reuss was also the President of GM from 1990 to 1992.

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