Corvette - It's all about the Name

Where did the name Corvette come from

In 1953 a special committee was formed to find the name for Chevy's new entry into the sports car market. (defining sports car is a whole other topic) For some unknown reason the company wanted the car to start with the letter C. There were well over 300 names being considered. What is known is that Myron Scott found the word Corvette in the dictionary. The dictionary defines Corvette as a fast, small British warship designed for convoy or escort duty. A British Corvette is smaller than a Frigate and is highly maneuverable and very powerful engines, making it one of the fastest boats in the British Navy at the time.

Well as you can imagine, that pretty much put a stop to looking any further for a name. To this day the modern Corvettes (Chevy's version) have evolved to follow its namesake. Fast, Maneuverable and Loaded for Bear. As with the Corvette Warship, the modern day road Corvette is a purpose driven machine, with little want or need for frilly extras. As with the warship, when you get into a Corvette, you know exactly what its for, exactly what its purpose is and how it is going to accomplish its task. Myron Scott work for Chevrolet until he retired in 1971. He was inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame in 2002.

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