Corvette Factory Shut Down

The Corvette Factory in Bowling Green KY will go through a planned shut down this summer and possibly this fall. Lauren Langille, a spokeswoman for the Corvette Plant stated, "...there needed to be construction done on the paint shop" and also "There are some Maintenance needs"  The Corvette Factory is making way to install some new equipment for a new build process and to make some assembly line upgrades. The final 2017 Corvette orders are to be placed by mid April of this year. The 2018 production run will begin some time in early November, giving the plant and construction crews 3-4 months to get the work done.

By far the best news is the new paint shop. Corvettes have long suffered from "orange peel" or a slight wave in paint consistency under the clear coat. While we are not complaining about the overall paint quality, it would be nice to once and for all put this issue to bed. 

Think that Corvettes might not be around in the future...GM's has committed $729 Million to upgrades and the new Paint Shop over the last year. As you are all aware, we are big fans of the C8 Mid Engine Corvette, and this news is just another major indicator that we will see it in the very near future.

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