C8 Corvette Cross Flags Logo Leaks or Did it?

C8 Corvette Cross Flags Emblem

This week was filled with C8 Corvette news, but everything hit the back burner when the C8 Corvette Logo was accidentally leaked, or so we were told. Accidents do happen, but as close as GM is holding C8 information, we have a hard time believing that this was an accident. Just think back a a few short years to when the C7 was all the buzz. Information trickled out, in what we now know was a sustained effort to keep the buzz alive until the official release. Irrespective of if it was an actual mistake or a well planed leak, we like what we see. Traditional elements of the historical cross flags design remain in a new and more modern format. Remaining are the traditional Cross Flags, Chevy Bowtie and Fleur-De-Lis (since 1997) The Cross Flags take on a narrower and sharper shape in the form of a V and give it an updated, more modern look. Also revised is the Corvette Script. The uneducated eye my not see much of a difference, as the script is only subtly changed. The new logo first appeared on the website GM-Trucks.com and takes us inside the C8 for the first time. The image is apparently part of the gauge clusters start up display. The website would not say where they got the video, just that it was passed along to them by one of their users. 

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