C7 Corvette Corsa X-Pipe 14761

From the most popular mod category comes the C7 Corvette Corsa Double Helixx X-Pipe. Often sighted as the first thing that people do to their new Corvette, we thought we would just say a few things about it. The X-Pipe is also known as the center section of the exhaust system. Manifold, X-pipe and axle back. On the C7 Corvette, Grand Sport and Z06 the center section also has a set of secondary cats. As all us 60's and 70's babies know, cats substantially change the exhaust tone and volume due to their restrictive nature. Before you say, "not touching the cats on my car", you should be aware that these are secondary cats. Both of these "pup" cats are behind the last O2 sensors, so your car, emissions station will never know they are gone. There is nothing measurable from an emissions check standpoint that having them vs not having them will show or register. Now that you have decided to rip those pesky little cats off, you may wonder what am I gaining? Well...it's not measurable Horsepower. You may gain a few ponies, but whatever you do gain, it is surely within the average Dyno Error Rate, so basically unmeasurable. However, what you do get is a freer rev due to less resistance in the exhaust and a sweet improvement in overall sound and about 15% louder exhaust note. This has become such a popular mod, that we now stock Corsa X-Pipes and offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the 48 US States. For people who are still under factory warranty this is a great mod because it does not void your factory warranty.  


  • CCA

    Steve: The secondary cats are removed. They are behind the o2 monitoring loop so removing them will not trip a CEL (Check Engine Light)

  • Steve

    Are the secondary cats removed

  • Scott

    I did this and its true

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