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VetteNet Corvette Wind Blocker Windscreen

VetteNet Corvette Wind Deflectors are the original Engineered and Patented Corvette Windscreen for the C5, C6 and C7 Corvette. Vette Net Corvette Windscreens allow to you fully enjoy your top down driving experience. Each Wind Blocker substantially cuts down on wind turbulence and back draft, allowing you to carry on conversations and listen to music at highway speeds. The added calmness in the cabin also keeps your hat from ending up on the road behind you or your hair from being whipped in your face. Vette Net Windscreens are easy on and easy off, with installation or removal taking less than a minute. The mounting bracket clip under the cowl and the Wind Breaker legs simply slide into the brackets. The third generation VetteNet weighs less than 3 pounds and has a convenient height adjustment so that you can situate it to your liking. The new frameless design looks good and functions even better. The newly designed Vette Net Wind Blocker stretches from one side of your convertible cowl, behind both seats and all the way to the other side, making it very effective at greatly reducing back draft (wind buffeting) at cruising speeds. Initial installation of the VetteNet Corvette Windscreen is a breeze and does not require any tools or permanent modification to your car. We suggest adding the VetteNet Storage bag for when you are not using the Windscreen or to store in your trunk. For help with your selection, please feel free to call one of the experts at Custom Corvette Accessories for assistance. 


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