Metro Vac - Corvette

Corvette Vacuums and Blowers from Metro Vac

Metro Vac is one of the great American business stories of the 20th Century. Founded with a $100 investment in 1939 from Hymen Gulker, Metro Vac has grown into the leading automotive Vac and Blo system on the market today. If you enjoy detailing your Corvette, Metro Vac has a full line of high end detailing equipment that can take care of just about any need you may have. It is a well know fact that the majority of surface scratches and swirls come from Towel and Sponge contact with your paint. Metro Vac Vacuums and Blowers allow you to reduce your paints contact time with things that will ultimately mark your clear coat. Forget drying your Corvette with Towels and Chamois, not only do they scratch, but they allow water drips from the mirrors, door sills, taillights, and anywhere else water collects, to leave streaks on your freshly wash paint surface. Metro Vac Airforce Master Blaster allows you to use its high powered reverse air system to blow dry your Corvette. The high powered air easily gets rid off all the water off your car without ever coming into contact with the paint surface. The Metro Vac and Blow system has a full set of tools that allow you to get into the smallest of places, giving you access to places that have previously remained beyond reach. No matter what you are looking for, Metro Vac has it all, from hand held portable Vacuums to full wall mounted garage systems. Put the fun back into detailing your Corvette with a Vac & Blo system from Metro Vac. Proudly made in the USA. 

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