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DBA USA is a division of DBA Brakes Australia. A Global Leader in Brake Rotors, DBA Brakes has over four decades of proven performance on both the street and the track. Australia's most award winning manufacturer, their reputation for extreme tolerances and meticulous manufacturing has made them a favorite aftermarket performance brake rotor for some of the most exotic automobile manufacturers on the planet. DBA Corvette Brake Rotors are no exception. Each rotor is heat treated in a strictly controlled environment, increasing the molecular bonds between molecules within the rotor. The Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP) Treatment re-aligns the microstructure of the iron, resulting in added resistance to deformation and increased heat resistance. DBA's patented Kangaroo Paw cooling system provides a much more efficient method of keeping rotors cool by eliminating the traditional vein air extraction system. Instead the DBA Corvette Rotors employ one hundred and forty four diamond and teardrop shaped pillars that allow air to flow up to 20 percent freer, which in turn, allows the rotor to retain less heat. The Kangaroo Paw pillars also provide 46 percent more interior surface area which is spread out more evenly across the entire rotor, giving it superior warp resistance, even under the heaviest of braking conditions. On the 4000 and 5000 Series T3 Rotors, DBA's Thermal Graphic Heat Paint Markings allow you to quickly visualize your brake rotors performance by monitoring the change in color of the Thermal Paint. When stopping performance is a serious matter, then you can not do any better than DBA Corvette Brake Rotors. DBA Corvette Brake Pads and Rotors can take you from the Street to the track, offering superior stopping power and lower brake dust.

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