C7 Corvette Green Filter 7225


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C7 Corvette Green Performance Filter

C7 Corvette Green Filter 7225. Now you can have the same filter that is used across the racing industry for your C7 Corvette. Green Performance Air Filters are an excellent upgrade for those who want more power and performance but don't want to change out their entire Intake System. When designing and engineering the new C7 Corvette Green Filter, the team consulted with race teams and engine builder to produce a product that will withstand even the harshest environments. Each unit is constructed with a deep pleated layers that increase the surface area by more than 20%, increasing air flow and filtration. A hand molded flexible base creates air tight seals with no leakage and the custom made tabs insure a correct fit. The secret is in their Proprietary Lubricant that creates an ionic bond with the stainless steel mesh. The positive charge attracts negative charged dust partials and causes them to cling to the mesh, leaving the surface clear for maximum performance. The C7 Corvette Green Performance Filter is easy to install and can be done with basic hand tools. No matter if your drive a Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06 or ZR1, the C7 Corvette Green Filter will give you the performance and durability you are looking for. The cotton material is washable and re-usable. Simply clean, re-charge and re-install. All Green Filters are made in the United States of American and are backed by their Limited Lifetime Warranty. P/N 7225

Fitment: C7 Corvette Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1 (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019)

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