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C6 Corvette AMT Motorsport Vulcan Differential Mounts


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C6 Corvette Transmission Mounts

AMT Motorsport Vulcan Differential Mounts - C6 Corvette. If you have a C6 Corvette Race Car or an aggressively driven Street Car, you are going to want nail down your transmission to reduce flex and differential shutter.

AMT C6 Corvette Transmission Mounts are the pinnacle when it comes to performance driving. Unlike OEM Transmission Mounts that are made out of chucks of rubber and deteriorate over time, these C6 Corvette Differential Mounts are made of T6-6061 Aircraft Aluminum and have a integrated rubber assembly in the center to dampen and control vibrations. These two pieces are locked together and allowed to float, but are locked together and will not be allowed to deform. 

The AMT Differential Mounts are machines on a 5 Axis CNC and feature a sunk in Hex design for the bolts making the installation process more accessible. All hardware is grade 10 and yellow chrome plated and features nylon locking nuts for a secure application. AMT Motorsport Vulcan Differential Mounts P/N 265030

 Sold as a Set of (2).

Fitment: C6 Corvette, Grand Sport and Z06 (2005 - 2013)