C5 Corvette KwikToy Hood Prop Rods


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C5 Corvette Show Car Hood Prop Rods

C5 Corvette Hood Prop Rod - Support the hood of your C5 Corvette with Kwiktoys Hood Strut Brace. The Kwiktoy Hood Prop Rod is a strut assist which braces the hood shock strut on the driver's side. The Kwiktoy hood brace helps prevent wind from slamming the hood shut from the open position. It installs in 5 seconds, clipping into place and is secured with a Velcro safety strap. To help prevent owners from inadvertently pulling on their hood with the hood prop installed we include a carabineer with a red "Remove Before Flight" tag to clip onto your hood striker as a reminder to remove the prop rod before pulling on the hood to try to close it. The KWIKTOY Show Car Hood Prop Rod is especially useful for Corvette displays, Car Shows, and dealer displays. Choose from Polished Aluminum or Chrome.

Fitment: C5 Corvette and Z06 (1997 - 2004)