The LT5 Corvette Engine

For those of you with eagle eyes, you may have noticed, GM is starting to tip it's hand on what the future may hold for the C7 and the C8 Corvette. For those in the know and more importantly the conspiracy theorists among us, the LT5 Book Code has started to show up in some GM documents. If you jump down the rabbit hole with us for a second, we will explain.

We will say right up front, these are no specs for this engine, but if you jump on the crazy train for a second and just take a peek into the past, you will see that there has already been a LT5 Engine. And quite an engine it was. Found in the C4 ZR1, this engine has a fantastic performance history, but forget all that for a second. Read between the lines with us for a second - the LT5 was not a push rod motor, it was a over-head cam engine. 

So-what you say, to which I say, (besides the fact we are talking about Corvettes without push rods motors) this could very well indicate that the Mid-Engine Corvette is not a Unicorn. A DOHC engine is a smaller package than a push rod motor. Perhaps small enough to stuff behind the drivers seat. DOHC engines are higher revving engines than push rod engines. Perhaps to compete with the Super Car Class in a more direct fashion. 

As usual Chevy is pretty tight lipped about the whole thing and would not provide a comment. So we just let it go...No not really...While we could not get a direct comment, we did get busy talking to our sources. What we did not get was a No, and that is significant, really significant, because GM is the master at shaping the conversation around Corvettes. When Chevy says No, they mean it.  When I talk to my network and not one single person says No, it means something to me. Of course no one said Yes either.

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