C8 Unhackable Computer - Real or FAKE NEWS

Access to the C8 Computer System

Just about every automotive publication has recently published news that the C8 Corvette's computer will be unhackable. This has spread and the rumor mill is working overtime to digest this information. Like so many other stories these days, the headline was blasted all over the internet and print publications. "C8 Computer will not be Tunable" This kind of inaccurate reporting sent the aftermarket and Tuners into a tailspin and unleashed a mass of bad information.

While GM has not released any direct information confirming or denying, here is what we know by reading a little deeper into the info we already have. First of all, cracking a cars computer is just like cracking any other computer system, it can be done with the right skill set. and there are many many talented tuners out there, so our guess is it will not be long. Second, Mark Reuss has offered some more incite - The C8 will have two sides to it's computer, a clean side and a dirty side. Now he did not elaborate much further, but if you think GM would exclude the aftermarket (after all, it's people like you and I that drive brand loyalty threw customization) would be Bad Ju-Ju for sure. His further comment that "That pipeline that is created with Global B and cyber security to be a part of that is very very robust. I don't want to cut anybody out from an aftermarket standpoint, but we have to pick and choose who the good guys are"

While that is on the vague side to say the least, you can put 2 and 2 together if you look past the dramatic headlines and read a little deeper. Mark and GM don't want Bad Corvette Ju-Ju, and it's our bet that a total lock out will not happen.

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