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C7 Corvette Billy Boat PRT Exhaust - Stingray

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C7 Corvette Billy Boat PRT Exhaust System. The B&B C7 Stingray PRT provides a strong aggressive tone under acceleration but is mild under lower RPMs.  The Billy Boat PRT is perfect of the enthusiast that likes to hear their C7 Corvette under acceleration, but likes it conversational during Highway cruising.  PRT stands for Purge Resonance Technology, a B&B exclusive, which allows for minimal cabin drone, but still lets that deep classic muscle car sound come through.  The C7 Corvette PRT is perfect for those who don't want it to loud or drive their Corvette everyday. FCOR-0620, FCOR-0625, FCOR-0627

Fitment: C7 Corvette Stingray (2014 to Current)