C7 Corvette Grand Sport AWE X Pipe 3010-11100
AWE Corvette Grand Sport X-Pipe
C7 Corvette X Pipe
AWE Tuning C7 Corvette GS X-Pipe
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C7 Corvette AWE Performance X-Pipe 3010-11100 - Grand Sport


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C7 Corvette Grand Sport AWE X-Pipe

C7 Corvette AWE Performance X-Pipe 3010-11100 - Grand Sport. When you want real dyno proven Horsepower, look no further than the C7 Corvette Grand Sport AWE X-Pipe. Manufactured with the highest grade US sourced 3 Inch .065 wall T304L Stainless Steel and mandrel bent for maximum air flow, this center section not only adds a deeper loud sound, but also unlocks the trapped performance. Easy bolt in installation uses all factory mounting locations and does not require permanent modification to your GS and it will also mate to all aftermarket axle back exhausts systems without further modifications. This X Pipe eliminates the rear Pup Cats and is guaranteed not to set off a Check Engine Light (CEL). 

The C7 Corvette Grand Sport AWE X-Pipe is manufactured in AWE's state of the art facility located just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvanian. Adding a AWE X-Pipe to your Grand Sport Corvette will remove the secondary pup cats, but their removal will not set off a CEL (Check Engine Light) because the rear O2 sensors are in front of the rearward cats, so they do not read in the emissions loop. Installation is straight forward and no modification or fabrication is needed. CAD designed and real world tested on the street and track, the C7 Corvette Grand Sport AWE X-Pipe was engineered to maintain optimal back pressure to insure power gains across the chart. Installing a AWE Grand Sport X-Pipe can be done at home with a lift and basic hand tools. 3010-11100

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Fitment: 2017, 2018, 2019 C7 Corvette Grand Sport Automatic, Manual Transmissions, Coupe and Convertible.

Product Note: Please allow for 7-10 Business Days for manufacturing. 

Product Note: Intended for Off Road Use

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