C5 Corvette Fattdaddy frame saver
C5 Corvette Fattdaddy

C5 Corvette FattDaddy Front Clip Frame Saver

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The FattDaddy Frame Saver - C5 Corvette. The "FattDaddy" was designed and engineered by Custom Corvette Accessories with strength in mind. The "FattDaddy" uses grade 5 bolts and has an 1 7/8 inch wide polyurethane wheel that can withstand up to 800 pounds of operating pressure and 1200 pounds of static load. The "FattDaddy" is a single wheel front clip frame saver. The "FattDaddy" is easily installed through a 3/8 inch hole drilled into the frame. The "FattDaddy" distributes it's load via a grade 5 bolt and a 1/4 cold rolled steel rig, giving you the ultimate in protection for your Corvettes frame. Tired of that scrapping sound every time you go out of your driveway or over a speed bump. Eliminate the scraping sound and damage like this with the "FattDaddy" front frame rail rollers.

Fitment: C5 Corvette and Z06 (1997 - 2004)