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C8 Corvette Lloyd Ultimat Floor Mats

The Lloyd Ultimat Custom Fit Floor Mats are still the finest floor mats in the market, offering the best in both functionality and style for more than four decades now. Being Lloyd Mat’s original series launched in 1978, these custom carpets have evolved with continuous improvements and design upgrades. If you are looking for the best protection against wear, grimes, fluids, moisture, and all other elements, go for the tried and tested, go for a set of C8 Corvette Lloyd Mats Ultimat Double Logo custom carpets.

The multi-layer construction using premium quality materials make the C8 Corvette Lloyd Ultimat Floor Mats more durable than other carpet mats. Every inch of the Ultimat carpets are remarkably bulky and dense with the 32 oz. per yard continuous filament nylon material. These custom carpets are twice thicker and heavier than standard mats with its  two-ply construction, weaving two nylon yarns into one tuft creating a tougher core. The C8 Corvette Lloyd Mats Ultimat Double Logo carpets have four layers of backing for maximum strength and durability.  The topmost layer is the polypropylene mesh supporting the tufted yarn and giving its shape. The next layer made of extra heavy latex adds rigidity to the carpet, maintaining its form. The water-resistant layer traps moisture, keeping the factory carpet dry and clean. Lastly, the distinctive rubber TractionBac layer of the C8 Corvette Lloyd Ultimat Floor Mats create a friction surface securely attaching the mat to the carpet to prevent it from sliding around. Choose from 30 different color options to match your style and interiors. With the embroidered double Corvette logo in these carpets, they will complement your interiors perfectly and upgrade factory styling.

Each set of these perfectly fitted carpeted liners install easily with the included factory compatible anchoring device for the secure attachment. The custom fit Ultimat 2020 C8 Corvette Floor Mats are proudly designed and made in the USA and comes with a limited 5-year warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship.

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Fitment: C8 Stingray Coupe (2020 and 2021)

Product Note: Sold as a Pair

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