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Custom Corvette Accessories, also known as CCA Corvette Parts was established back in late 2005 as a garage project intended to make a better set of Frame Savers for the fifth generation Vette. The product known as the FattDaddy gained popularity on the Corvette Forum and in early 2007 Custom Corvette Accessories became an official company. In it's early years CCA continued to manufacture and produce custom machined parts and accessories like the Billet Aluminum Oil Catch Cans, Tunnel Plates and Racing Pedals. As it's reputation for making quality parts grew, so did it's product offerings. In the years since, CCA Corvette Parts has developed and maintained relationships with industry leaders in production, manufacturing and development, as well as, enjoying direct vendor relationships with just about all of the biggest names in the industry. 

Known industry wide for providing exceptional customer service, Custom Corvette Accessories also prides itself in being able to get you your products super fast. Gone are the days bloated warehouses, product that just sits on the shelf and out of stocks. We use a unique network of direct manufacturer ordering capabilities and a vast network national distributors located all over the United States. No longer do you have to wait a week or more for parts to ship from one coast to the next, chances are we know where there is one close to you and can often have it there in a matter of days. Shop on your desk top, tablet or cell phone, CCA Corvette Parts website converts to give you the very best experience available today.

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