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C6 Corvette Blockit Mats - Made in the USA  

C6 Corvette Blockit Mats

C6 Corvette Blockit Sound Deadening Mats. Reduce the interior tire and road noise in your C6 Corvette Coupe with Blockit Mats. Simply place the pre-cut Blockit Quick and Quiet Sound Deadening Material right over your existing carpet. Blockit is a unique 4 layer combination of real acoustical soundproofing that absorbs and suppresses unpleasant sounds, quieting your interior in seconds. Place the mat in your cargo or trunk and behind your seats for a quick fix to the road and tire noise associated with your Corvette. The durable UV protected top layer looks great and allows you to still use your cargo area. C6 Corvette Blockit Mats install in seconds.

If you are tired of the road and tire noise that penetrates the cabin in your C6 Corvette, then block out that irritating sound with Block-it Quick and Quite Mats from TKO Performance. The Block-it Mats install in seconds and are custom cut to be a perfect fit for your Base Model, Grand Sport and Z06 without any permanent alterations to your car. The C6 Corvette Blockit Mats are manufactured with 4 layers of real acoustic sound deadening material, that are fused together to form one solid mat. Just lay the sound deadening mat over or under your existing carpet or aftermarket Cargo Mat and enjoy a quieter interior. Blockit C6 Corvette Mats make listening to your music, having a conversation and talking on your phone clearer and easier to do. All the materials and manufacturing for C6 Corvette Blockit Sound Deadening Mats are sourced right here in the USA.  

Fitment: C6 Corvette Coupe, Grand Sport and Z06