C5 Corvette FattMamma Front Frame Saver
FattMamma Frame Saver

C5 Corvette FattMamma Front Clip Frame Saver


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The FattMamma Front Clip Frame Saver - C5 Corvette. The "FattMamma" was designed and engineered by Custom Corvette Accessories with strength in mind. The "FattMamma" uses grade 8 bolts and has an 1 7/8 inch wide polyurethane wheel that can withstand up to 800 pounds of operating pressure and 1200 pounds of static load. The "FattMamma" is a dual wheel front clip frame saver. The "FattMamma" is easily installed through a 3/8 inch hole drilled into the frame. The "FattMamma" spreads the load evenly between the two wheels, giving you peace of mind and better protection for your frame. Tired of that scrapping sound every time you go out of your driveway or over a speed bump. Eliminate the scraping sound and damage with the "FattMamma" front frame rail rollers.

Fitment: C5 Corvette and Z06 (1997 - 2004)