C5 Corvette Coverking Moda Triguard Car Cover
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C5 Corvette Coverking Moda Triguard Car Cover


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Coverking Moda Car Cover - C5 Corvette

C5 Corvette Moda Triguard Car Cover. Coverking Triguard. C5 Corvette Car Cover is made of three layers of fabric to protect against dings and dents. This Corvette Car Cover is perfect for garage storage and keeps dust and pollen of your car. This durable car cover is perfect for long term storage. The C5 Corvette Moda Triguard is an economical Corvette cover with good breathability and moderate UV protection. Although this cover is classified as an indoor cover, it can be used in light weather conditions such as light rain or snow, making this a great cover for the rare occasion you have to leave your outside over night in moderate weather conditions. This Corvette Car Cover is water repellent, and is used for indoor purposes, with the occasional outside use. This C5 Corvette Car Cover is also great for winter storage. Includes FREE Draw String Bag and FREE Lock and Cable.

Fitment: C5 Corvette Coupe and Convertible -  Z06/FRC (1997 - 2004)