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C7 Corvette Pfadt Tri-Y Headers 1-7/8

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Pfadt Tri-Y Long Tube Headers - C7 Corvette

Tri-Y Headers from Pfadt Race Engineering - C7 Corvette. Tri-Y Long Tube Headers are the newest performance parts offered from Pfadt. Pfadt Race Engineering has taken the header market by storm with their Tri-Y Header. Designed maximize exhaust flow, creating superior exhaust scavenging with their 4 into 2 into 1 structure. The exhaust pulses from each individual cylinder of the C7 Corvette Stingray are optimized to draw air into the combustion chamber from the intake manifold. This creates a much more efficient power curve giving you maximum HP and Torque across the whole RPM range. These C7 Corvette Headers provide a much more efficient use of power and a larger amount of Torque under the curve. The Pfadt C7 Corvette Long Tube Headers make much more power which is available at a lower RPM. By reducing pumping loses, you increase the exhaust velocity. The Pfadt Race Engineering C7 Corvette Tri-Y Headers come complete with X-Pipe, new Gaskets, 2 Extenders and are available with or without Cats.

Features: • Tri-Y Design, 4-2-1 tube merge • Equal Length Long Tubes • Make more power under the curve, while increasing top end Horsepower • 1-7/8 inch primary • CNC Flanges with OEM locating features • Hand TIG Welded • 100 percent Stainless Steel with a brushed finish • V-Band Clamps • 1 piece X-Pipe • Full 3 inch Collector and X-Pipe • Bullet Nose Flange Bolts included • Includes O2 Extenders • Includes Multi-Layered Steel Gasket • 27 Lbs lighter than Stock Exhaust System • Made in the USA

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Fitment: C7 Corvette Stingray, Grand Sport and Z06 (2014 - 2019)

Product Note: WILL NOT fit C7 Corvette Z06